Lawn Maintenance Videos: Spring


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Zoysia  – EMPIRE Turf, Geo

Bermuda – Celebration, Latitude 36, NorthBridge, Discovery

St. Augustine – Palmetto, Sapphire, Captiva

Seasonal Maintenance Videos from Sod Solutions offer some simple steps for maintaining your lawn.  These videos are released at the beginning of each season and feature step by instructions for preparing your lawn for the upcoming change in weather.  The steps suggested are fairly simple.  Keep in mind that consulting with a local expert is always recommended.  These videos are generic and are meant to be followed in all parts of the country where these grasses are grown and used.

EMPIRE Turf has been the Proven Zoysia for Southern lawns for quite some time now.  This grass has proven to be successful in hot humid parts of the country where zoysia’s have failed before.  It is a very easy grass to maintain, but like all grasses, it does need caring for.  It’s not a plant and forget grass.  (There aren’t any of those I can think of.)  Now, we have a new zoysia to go alongside EMPIRE Turf called Geo Zoysia that is much finer-bladed and has a very different look in the landscape.  It’s a beautiful grass that will need to be maintained at a lower height than EMPIRE.  The zoysia video will explain maintenance steps for both varieties.

Celebration has been our standard bermudagrass since the early 2000’s.  Originating in Australia, Celebration is one of the fastest recovering bermudagrasses on the market.  In fact, you can take slabs of Celebration…dice them up into little bits….till them into the ground and a complete sports field can grow in and be ready for play in as little as 60 days! Kids and pets…no problem.  But remember that a grass that aggressive will half to be kept at bay by homeowners with flower beds and gardens.  Our other new bermudas, Latitude 36Northbridge, and Discovery join Celebration.  The video will explain the care for all 4 of our homeowner’s bermudas.  The only difference is with Discovery.  It is our low mowing bermuda where it’s possible you might only mow once every three weeks to a month.  It tremendously reduces mowing, but regular weed control is a must…and regular fertilizing every 45 days or so in the spring and summer months will be recommended as well.

Finally, Palmetto St. Augustine, which has been around since 1994, has now sold over one-billion square feet since debuting on the market.  Its a proven success with good shade and cold tolerance.  Joining our flagship grass Palmetto are our other St. Augustine varieties, Sapphire and Captiva.  All three have maintenance steps similar to those of bermuda’s and zoysia’s…but there are some distinct differences in care that are recommended over the other varieties.

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