Insect Identification

Identify what’s bugging you in this 5 minute, insect description video.

Herbicides and Lawn Weed Control

A weed is nothing more than a plant out of place. Bermudagrass, with its dense root system and ability to out-compete other plants, makes an excellent lawn or park grass in many situations. However, some of the characteristics that make bermudagrass so highly prized for turf can also make it a challenge to control in… Read more »

Why Cheap Grass Probably Isn’t Good Grass

When establishing a yard or renovating an existing one, you have two basic choices—seeding and sodding. Either, if done correctly, can result in the yard of your dreams, a lush lawn of green that beckons people to walk through it barefoot, kids to roll around in it, and neighbors to turn green with envy. Sod… Read more »

All About Lawn Weeds: An Introduction

It’s been said that a weed is a plant whose virtues have yet to be discovered. That’s a nice utopian view, but to anyone serious about a good-looking lawn a weed has no virtues. It’s a plant that’s growing where you don’t want it. As an example, bermudagrass is a lawn grass when it grows… Read more »