EMPIRE Turf Care and Maintenance – Summer 2012

Video Notes:

Step 1 – Fertilization. If you didn’t fertilize in the Spring, you can apply a fertilizer with a 1-1 ration of nitrogen to potassium…like a 15-0-15. The middle number is phosphorus and it can usually be zero. If you did fertilize in the Spring, you can wait till late Summer or early Fall to do so again.

Step 2 – Irrigation. Don’t overwater in the hot months. EMPIRE needs about an inch of water per week either from in-ground irrigation or natural rainfall. Wait for a sign that the grass is in need of watering before irrigating…like blades of the EMPIRE Turf wilting. Water in the early morning hours for best results. Too much water can lead to fungus outbreaks, like Large Patch.

Step 3 – Mowing. You will likely mow more often in the Summer. Just make sure to not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade when mowing. Mowing too low can stress the grass and it will turn brown. If you miss a mowing, it might take multiple mowings to get the grass back to the height you like. Wait about 3-5 days between each mowing.

Watch out for Hunting Billbugs. If you have had them in the past but are free of them at the moment, treat with an insecticide application this fall.

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